If you’re anything like I used to be, you might have toiled alone for a long time writing your novel. Finally, that task is behind you. Your manuscript is in your hands, but you’re unsure whether it’s ready for querying. You need an unbiased, expert opinion on what works and what doesn’t in your story and how to fix it. You need someone who can pinpoint the strong as well as the weak areas in your novel and can guide your final edits before you send it to agents. A friend or relative can’t do that, and not every author belongs to a writing group or has a circle of writer friends who could provide a critical reading.

This is where I come in.

Why choose me?

I have spent several years writing and editing fiction in fan environments where I discovered that I was particularly adept at giving advice on a story level; what one would call development editing. The big picture. I put it down to my decades of avid reading, which have provided me with an in-depth, almost instinctive understanding of story structure, pacing and story/character development. I have also studied English Language and Literature and am well-versed in grammar as well as literary devices. I know stories; I know how they work, and I know when they don’t and why.

I read widely, but my main areas of interest are literary, contemporary lit, speculative fiction and romance, adult or YA. I’m not the best fit for you if you write chapter books, poetry collections, non-fiction, sports or military stories, or memoirs.


What I’m offering:

I offer an editorial analysis of plot and character development, pacing, and story structure. I will give you my opinion as a reader and my suggestions on how to enhance your story as an editor. I will also pay attention to the sentence level, pointing out ambiguous sentence structure, weak dialogue or lexical use. I will correct spelling and punctuation, but please bear in mind that my focus will be the story elements rather than proofreading.

My prices:

First Chapter Critique €30 (for chapters up to 3000 words, but no more than €50)

My turnaround time is one week.

Three Chapters Critique €120-180, depending on chapter length.

Two to three weeks.

Partial/Full Manuscript Critique: 0.01 per word.

This depends on the manuscript’s word count but for anything under 90,000 words, turnaround time is a month.

I'm offering my services half-price for the months of July and August 2021

My ideal working environment is Google Docs. I would prefer to have a short chat with you via an online platform of your choice before I start work on the manuscript to get a feel for what you’re aiming to do in the book. I will also be available for a chat after the critique has been sent to you to discuss the suggestions and edits. Editing is a collaborative experience; I learn from you as much as you learn from me. Clear communication is vital, and sometimes editors and authors click, whereas other times they simply don’t. Because of this, I will only undertake a full manuscript critique with someone who’s already received the First Chapter or First Three Chapters critiques to ensure that we work well together.

The small print:

Payments will go through PayPal. You will need to pay the PayPal fee as well.

For the First Chapter and First Three Chapter critiques, payment is required in full when the pages are sent. For the Full Manuscript critique, half the payment will be due upon sending pages and the other half will be due when your critique is completed. I will notify you once I’ve completed my editing and I will send my notes to you upon receiving final payment.

Rest assured, your work will remain private and confidential. I will never reproduce your words without your written permission or steal your ideas. If your manuscript does happen to be similar to my works in progress, I will refrain from working on it. 

For more details, please contact me via email.